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Success Story: Helping Animals Lost and Orphaned - HALO

Margo was found sitting on the yellow line in the middle of a busy street. A good Samaritan saved her and contacted Halo. We found that poor Margo was not in good health. We spayed her, removed many tumors, and gave her a dental before we placed her up for adoption. We also discovered that poor Marg...
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pound buddies

Success Story: Volunteers of Muskegon County Animal Control (dba Pound Buddies)

From our Executive Director, Lana Carson: "To limit this response to one dog I feel would be a gross understatement of what this fencing provides for the animals! Again, literally every single dog will benefit from this grant! We do have dogs who are timid and some are a little more rambunctiou...
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Success Story: Connor and Millie's Dog Rescue

Skeeter is a lovable and mellow guy who was found as a stray on the streets. Because of his age of 11 years and an unknown skin condition at the shelter, no other rescue requested him. Connor and Millie's Dog Rescue focuses on senior dogs and those with medical problems. When we took Skeeter in...
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Success Story: Tender Loving Cats, Inc.

Luis and his sister Louise were found outside by a young man, but he was unable to care for them and found our rescue to take them in on April 19, 2018. They were only 8 months old. Luis clearly has some Siamese in his background, as he has the classic wedge-shaped head and the coat color and blue e...
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Success Story: Rescue Animals in Need

Dory was rescued from an open-intake shelter as a 12-week-old kitten by RAIN. During her examination, it was discovered that Dory's tail had been completely broken off internally from the rest of her spine. This meant she was not be able to move it, causing pain and open sores on her rear legs ...
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