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Success Story: Helping Strays of Monroe County

One of the best stories was a dog named Chyna. Chyna was what we would consider a senior dog. She came into the shelter in March of 2017 and, although she had many inquiries about her, the adoption never happened, specifically because people did not want to invest in a dog her age. Because of the ad...
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Success Story: Bond County Humane Society

Dear Petfinder Foundation and Purina: Hello, and thank you for asking about the stories of some of the several pets assisted by this grant. One of the pets and her family who were helped by this Purina/Petfinder Foundation grant is a chocolate Lab named Kona. Kona's guardian reports that "...
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Success Story: Franklin County Humane Society

Callie was a middle-aged mixed-breed girl adopted the day of the Better Together Adoption Event at the Soulard Market Park. She had been surrendered due to her owner's inability for continue to care of her; she was somewhat overwhelmed by the shelter environment and was adopted, by an older gen...
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Success Story: BNoble Farms and Rescue

Spec, who was just adopted, was able to go back to lounging in his favorite area in the dogs' living space. He was a dog who had certain routines that he did everyday....
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Success Story: Belleville Area Humane Society

The adopters who benefited from this promotion are now able to put the money Purina provided towards something else their pet will need. This grant helped 18 dogs and cats of the BAHS find their forever homes. Purina and the Petfinder Foundation do such a great job of supporting shelters and rescues...
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