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Reggie, Wayne, Rutley & Bobo: You Helped Them All!

If you donated to support the Petfinder Foundation’s Emergency Medical Fund, you know that your gift, and the fund, have helped hundreds of homeless pets in need of lifesaving veterinary care. We thought you’d like to meet a few of them. Reggie The 1-year-old Australian shepherd (pictured above) was unable to bear any weight on his leg when he was...
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Success Story: Gateway Pet Guardians

Touchette is a sweet, petite playgroup rock star who doesn't show well at the shelter. She is not fond of folks coming to her door. Making her life more fun behind bars makes us, and her, feel better. She is still available for adoption but is now in a foster home. Meet her:
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Success Story: Illinois Valley Animal Rescue

Jaguar has been at the shelter for more than a year. He has an extra-large kennel with his own full-size couch. Jaguar is a gentle dog who likes to take care of business outside, but prefers being on the couch and would do well in a quiet home. Meet him:
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Success Story: Twin Cities Pet Rescue

Chico, a 12-year-old pit bull mix, had been overlooked for months in rescue, despite his lovable qualities. Upon finding the Senior Pet Grant, TCPR decided that Chico would be an ideal candidate as the beneficiary of this grant, and we were honored to find out that we (and, moreso, Chico) had been c...
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Success Story: Ozark Haven Rescue

Falcore, a beautiful blue pit bull terrier (first and second photo), was a breeder puppy. Rescued from that situation, he landed with us at a very young age. His foster mom recognized what potential this boy had and adopted him as her own. Now trained and certified as a therapy dog, he helps his fos...
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